The Big Trust for our communities

At The Big Trust, we engage with, and mobilise, businesses to help enhance the life chances of our community’s most disadvantaged people.

We know that the biggest difference businesses can have in communities is through employment and wealth creation.

Our focus is on helping people to overcome disadvantage, fulfil their potential so they can build successful lives for themselves, their families and the wider community.

We support our business partners to address key social issues in communities of greatest need, offering them strategic leadership and programmes that enable them to share time, skills and resources that make a positive impact on their bottom line, as well as society.

Our two big focuses are:

Supporting our clients – vulnerable adults who might have experienced homelessness, may be long-term unemployed, ex-offenders or care leavers to gain and sustain work through our tailor-made work programme.

Supporting young people – who are full of aspiration, but live in poverty and so need support from the local business community to realise their full potential.

The business community are able to equip our young people with the life skills they will need to gain and sustain employment in the future.