Louise’s Ready for Work Experience: A Successful Case Study

Before starting the Ready for Work (R4W) programme at The Big Trust, Louise had struggled getting employed, and it was through probation that she got onto the programme.  Since then, she has been working for Hope Street Hotel for 2 years as a public area cleaner which she housekeeps and cleans rooms.

As the hotel was kept open during the pandemic to offer rooms to key workers, Louise’s job was essential, to ensure everything was thoroughly cleaned and sanitised.  This sense of responsibility empowered Louise, showing just how far she has come from starting the programme.

Louise believes that her development of communication skills was a fundamental aspect of the R4W programmed which allowed her to become more successful in her career path:


“Mixing with loads of people helped with the interactions within the hotel as there are many different nationalities visiting.”

– Louise


Having the group sessions helped Louise with interacting with people enhancing not only her communication skills but her interpersonal skills as well, which will inevitability be needed for a job in a hotel.

It wasn’t only the group sessions that helped Louise, but the one-to-one mentors was extremely important and impactful.  Working through interview techniques aided her ability to be successful in landing the voluntary placement to begin with.

The R4W programme kicked started Louise’s motivation to work again, simultaneously improving her mental health, struggles and challenges she has experienced throughout her life.  Building up her skills set for employability during the R4W programme gave Louise her initial push to work hard and feel as she has a purpose.

Aside from her hard work and dedication to Hope Street Hotel, Louise’s role as a public area cleaner has meant she has met some fun celebrities including Stephen Graham who was staying there during filming for Peaky Blinders.

Read more about the programme here or contact ali@thebigtrust.org for more specific enquiries.

Ready for Work Programme: Aziz’s Journey

Aziz completed the Ready for Work (R4W) programme 2.5 years and is still in the same place of work, having career success.  He was given the opportunity to work at Voelia during his time on the programme, where he gained confidence, developed skills and built up his self-belief.

How Aziz Landed His Job At Voelia?

Voelia is a global leader in optimising resource management providing water, waste and energy management solutions contributing to the sustainable development of communities and industries.  Aziz has been working for the company for 2.5 years now as a recycling assistant.  In this role he helps people understand what and how to recycle.

Aziz was determined to find employment which motivated him. In previous years he had been working as a chef, which he felt it wasn’t right for him.  However, due to his determination of finding something he genuinely wanted to do, Aziz found himself with around five years of unemployment.

This space of unemployment lead to Aziz having low confidence and little self-belief.  Especially after trying a handful of other work and employment programmes which didn’t work for him.  However, after starting on the R4W programme at The Big Trust, this changed.  The programme helped him meet new and friendly people via the classes, which aided his initial boost in confidence.

This boost in confidence, helped him have a successful interview with a supervisor for a summer job at Voelia.  The positioned allowed Aziz to have 2-weeks voluntary work where he really enjoyed being outside more.  After finishing this 2-week work placement, Voelia was hiring to fill the place of someone’s retirement which he applied for.  Upon his successful application, Aziz, through hard work and dedication, has kept his job for nearly 3 years now – developing a variety of skills.

Aziz and The Regenda Group

Aziz got onto the R4W programme through the help and support of The Regenda Group.  Regenda is a group of companies that are involved in helping regenerate the community in order to create opportunities.  Across multiple companies, The Regenda Group’s main aim is to make a difference whether that is in housing and construction, care and support or in training and employment.

Naturally, Regenda works perfectly with The Big Trust, and this is shown in their successful involvement in the R4W programme.

Regenda’s involvement with the R4W programme has stemmed back a couple of years now.  However, it was left to one side for a little while until Dave, ADD JOB TITLE, picked it back up with the Director, Ali Gibney.

Regenda also became a member of the Community Impact Board with The Big Trust.  This meant they could work with other partnerships to deliver wider and bigger changes to the community.  So far, Regenda have mentored four people in total, with Aziz being one of them!

Aziz was living in the housing Regenda own and came into The Regenda office distressed.  Dave  sat him down with a coffee and discussed flat repairs and mental health due to unemployment.  This was when Dave pointed Aziz into the direction of The Big Trust.

Dave believed that getting Aziz onto the programme will help him meet new people and change his outlook on life.  After completing the training, Aziz came out of his shell.  Dave could see this himself, with skills such as multi-lingual being revealed.

How Regenda helped Aziz get on the right track during this uncertain stage in his life really shows how two companies can work collaboratively in order to make a massive impact on someone’s life.

Aziz and The Big Trust

When speaking to Aziz, he believes that:

“The Big Trust’s approach to clients and their profession makes their programme stand out from the rest I’ve tried.”

It’s great to see such a successful case of Aziz.  Developing his life and career skills through the R4W programme, whilst seeing some of The Big Trust’s partners also supporting him in this important stage of his life.

The programme helped him with improving his mental health and confidence by pushing Aziz out of his comfort zone and completing the training.

If you would like to find out more about the R4W programme itself read more here, or email ali@thebigtrust.org.