LCR Community Impact Board

The community impact board is a team of experts drawn from The Big Trust partner organisations as well as the wider business community.  They are committed to working together, share knowledge and deliver lasting positive impact in the Liverpool City Region’s (LCR) community and in the workplace – for the employees of their organisation.

Our partners and ourselves are committed to providing leadership, to provide responsible business by innovating, sharing learning and best practice.  The LCR Community Impact Board consists of individuals who represent organisations who are at the forefront of investment and development in our geographic area and associate themselves with the values of The Big Trust.

The Big Trust Vision

By working together, we are able to achieve what we are capable of as a team in order to support thriving communities, successful businesses and empower individuals.

The Big Trust Mission

Together we will enhance the life chances of people by challenging, inspiring and changing the way businesses think, behave and act.

The Big Trust Impact Focus:

Working with young people from the most deprived communities to enable them to enhance their own life chances, by driving their aspirations and by creating relevant learning platforms, so as adults they will not fall into a poverty and adversity cycle of life.

Supporting adults whose lives are socially disadvantaged by providing opportunities to obtain and/or sustain employment and by doing so enable individuals to lead successful lives and actively contribute to a prosperous society.

Tackling social exclusion due to:

  • Discrimination
  • Material poverty
  • The disabled
  • The elderly
  • Mental health