Louise’s Ready for Work Experience: A Successful Case Study

Before starting the Ready for Work (R4W) programme at The Big Trust, Louise had struggled getting employed, and it was through probation that she got onto the programme.  Since then, she has been working for Hope Street Hotel for 2 years as a public area cleaner which she housekeeps and cleans rooms.

As the hotel was kept open during the pandemic to offer rooms to key workers, Louise’s job was essential, to ensure everything was thoroughly cleaned and sanitised.  This sense of responsibility empowered Louise, showing just how far she has come from starting the programme.

Louise believes that her development of communication skills was a fundamental aspect of the R4W programmed which allowed her to become more successful in her career path:


“Mixing with loads of people helped with the interactions within the hotel as there are many different nationalities visiting.”

– Louise


Having the group sessions helped Louise with interacting with people enhancing not only her communication skills but her interpersonal skills as well, which will inevitability be needed for a job in a hotel.

It wasn’t only the group sessions that helped Louise, but the one-to-one mentors was extremely important and impactful.  Working through interview techniques aided her ability to be successful in landing the voluntary placement to begin with.

The R4W programme kicked started Louise’s motivation to work again, simultaneously improving her mental health, struggles and challenges she has experienced throughout her life.  Building up her skills set for employability during the R4W programme gave Louise her initial push to work hard and feel as she has a purpose.

Aside from her hard work and dedication to Hope Street Hotel, Louise’s role as a public area cleaner has meant she has met some fun celebrities including Stephen Graham who was staying there during filming for Peaky Blinders.

Read more about the programme here or contact ali@thebigtrust.org for more specific enquiries.

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