Work Inspiration

The Work Inspiration Programme helped disadvantaged young people engage and aspire in the world of work.  It is all about getting young people onto the right track in life before they meander off.

We are a great believer in working with young people from the most deprived communities helping them to enhance their own life chances.

We work with young people from the most deprived communities to show examples of the world of work through our engaged businesses so they can enhance their own life choices, by driving and reaching their aspirations and by creating relevant learning platforms.

How Does It Work?

The Work Inspiration programme works with school children to provide building blocks for their future.  Our engaged businesses provide visit days, personal and career mentors, entrepreneurial activities and support in the development of soft skills.

The Year 11 programme provides pre-employment training, placement days and work experience as well as talks from professionals to aid the opportunity to develop.

Big Aspirations

How we can help you help young people…

  • You can invite young people to your workplace.
  • Your employees can act as personal and career mentors to our young people.
  • Work with young people to support their development of soft skills, such as teamwork, risk taking and decision making.
  • Support young people’s inspirations by deliver inspirational careers talks and leadership training.
  • Running enterprise activities, such as ‘Dragon’s Den’ type events.

To find out more how your business can connect with our young people across the City Region, please get in touch.

Days at Work

This is a flexible (daily) work experience programme tailored to offer quality experience for young people (primary school) from the 20% most deprived communities.

Our goal is to give pupils a real and inspiring taste of what working life is really like.  This will help build self-esteem, knowledge and confidence.

Young people will engage in activities across the span of the whole business not just the better-known roles. For example, our partner John Lennon Liverpool Airport allow young people to engage in activities related to aviation but also help our young people gain an understanding of the wider roles which might be ‘hidden’ such as secretarial/admin, Human Resources, marketing etc.

Our ‘days at work’ programmes are extremely popular and a superb way for businesses to engage with young people in their community.

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St Monica’s Catholic Primary School Case Study

We work closely with the school LEEP to help school children develop their skills in order to help their future career path.

To find out more how your business can connect with our young people across the City Region, please get in touch.